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Megan Dillman, MD

Internal Medicine Physician & Pediatrician located in Lakeville, MN

Physical exams are an important part of maintaining your health during every stage of life. As a double board-certified pediatrician and internal medicine specialist, Megan Dillman, MD, provides complete care for the entire family at MD² in Lakeville, Minnesota. Dr. Dillman has the training and experience to care for patients of all ages, regardless of their health complexities. To learn more about physicals, call MD² or schedule an appointment online today.

Physicals Q&A

What are physicals?

Physicals are comprehensive assessments that allow Dr. Dillman and the team at MD² to track your health throughout life. Along with detecting changes in your health, physical exams help identify early signs of disease. Visiting MD² for regular physicals helps prevent disease, treat uncomfortable symptoms, and establish your risk factors for certain diseases and conditions.

What happens during physicals?

What happens during a physical exam depends on your age and medical history. A routine physical typically includes two parts: a medical history review and physical evaluation. 

The medical history portion of your exam typically requires information that you provide. Dr. Dillman and the team start by asking questions regarding any new symptoms you’re experiencing and the medications you’re taking. The team may also ask if you have any underlying medical conditions or a family history of disease.

The physical part of the exam includes the following:

  • Vitals check (blood pressure, temperature, pulse, and respiration rate)
  • Height and weight measurements 
  • Visual exam
  • Heart and lung evaluation
  • Abdominal palpations
  • Ear, nose, and throat exam
  • Reflex test

Depending on your unique health history, Dr. Dillman and the team may administer vaccines or order additional testing, such as blood work, urinalysis, stool samples, or X-rays.

Are there different types of physicals?

Dr. Dillman and the team perform many types of physicals at MD², such as:

Well-child exams

A well-child exam is a thorough physical, emotional, and behavioral evaluation that tracks your child’s growth and development until they turn 18.

School physicals

Many school districts require students to undergo complete physical exams, with up-to-date immunizations, prior to the first day of school.

Sports physicals

Minnesota state law requires children, adolescents, and teens to pass a physical exam at least once every three years to participate in competitive sports.

Well-woman exams

A well-woman exam is a gynecological assessment that includes reproductive health counseling, STD testing, and health screenings for women. During a well-woman exam, you can also ask Dr. Dillman about pregnancy prevention options, such as NEXPLANON® — an implantable form of birth control.

Medicare exams

Medicare exams are similar to annual physicals, with a stronger focus on prevention. During these visits, Dr. Dillman may update your personalized health care plan. Although you don’t have to schedule an annual visit to maintain your Medicare benefits, Dr. Dillman recommends taking advantage of these exams to check in on your health.

How often do I need a physical?

Dr. Dillman recommends visiting MD² for a comprehensive physical exam at least once a year to track your health and thwart early signs of disease. You may need to visit more frequently if you’re older or have an underlying medical condition.

To learn more about physicals, call MD² or schedule an appointment online today.