Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Annual Physical Exam

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Annual Physical Exam

It’s easy to put off going to the doctor until you feel a tickle in your throat or need an X-ray. But what if we told you there’s a better way to go about managing your health? 

All it requires is a once-a-year visit with our expert. 

Here, Dr. Megan Dillman walks through just a few of the reasons you shouldn’t skip your next physical

Physicals allow for early detection

Many people forego their physicals because they feel fine, but there is a slew of health conditions that are hard to diagnose without a medical professional or can sneak up on you if you’re not careful. Some of these include:

Some of these conditions are easily preventable and treatable if you stay in contact with Dr. Dillman, and those that aren’t preventable can benefit from early detection and treatment.

Physicals allow you to establish care

You may be the picture of health right now, but that doesn’t mean something won’t come up in the future. If you’ve seen us regularly, we have detailed information about your health on record, which can be incredibly helpful if a health problem develops later on. 

Physicals give you a chance to ask questions

With the internet giving health bloggers and other wellness “experts” a wide-reaching platform, it’s easy to become misinformed. Why take a chance with your health and ask the internet when you have easy access to an expert like Dr. Dillman? We spend time answering your questions and addressing your concerns the way no blogger can. 

Physicals are a great time to update vaccinations

Are you behind on the vaccine schedule? During your physical, we can quickly get you caught up. 

Physicals help us create an action plan

A thorough evaluation of your health and family history can give us incredible insight into your future. When we can know your risk levels for certain medical conditions, we can anticipate symptoms and get started creating an action plan to help you mitigate your risks. 

What happens at physicals

During your physical, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of your health and employ a series of physical exams and tests to detect the earliest signs of disease. Through annual physicals, we can help you prevent disease and manage symptoms. Depending on your needs, we may include the following in your physical:

We offer a variety of types of physicals that are tailored to your unique needs. Some of the most common are well-child, school, sports, well-woman, and medicare exams. 

If you’re ready to get acquainted with your health and wellness, we’d love to talk with you. You can request an appointment online or over the phone at our Lakeville, Minnesota, office today.

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